We produce brick tiles on the walls, floors, terraces, parapets and stairs.


ElkaminoDom produces various types of tiles for walls, floors, terraces, stairs and windowsills. The tiles are made mainly of cement. The components are of excellent quality and we are extensively experienced in following the European standards, which means that we guarantee the high quality of our products...


Our products

"Old Brick" tiles

Because of its singular appearance the traditional old brick is a very special building material. We have used this very value by creating unique brick tiles that aesthetically refer to the historical material used in building. Our high quality "Old Brick" tiles come in many shades of colour: white, brown, natural fair, beige-brown, grey graphite, or Gothic. We also offer corner models and short face models...

"Old Brick" tiles for stairs/window sills

The impressive "Old Brick" can be used to create elegant decorative elements. We offer a windowsill version to be installed inside or outside. We have standard-sized products, as well as marginal tiles or those for wider windowsills. We have old stair brick and L-shaped bricks to cover the steps...

"Old Brick" tiles for terraces/floors

Elegant tiles for floors or terraces are a perfect finishing touch when it comes to horizontal surfaces. Such surfaces look very natural, reminiscent of the traditional terraces of yore. We propose a couple of colour variations that help create an aesthetically coherent space. Our products are ideal for a truly Greek kitchen or a rustic patio...

Elevation stone

Elevation and decorative stone tiles are patterned like slates, with their characteristic distinctive surface texture, giving the appearance of mild and pleasing climate. Thanks to the careful workmanship, the seams between the tiles are virtually invisible after the tiling...


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