Brick tiles on terraces

Elegant tiles for floors or terraces are a perfect finishing touch when it comes to horizontal surfaces. Such surfaces look very natural, reminiscent of the traditional terraces of yore. We propose a couple of colour variations that help create an aesthetically coherent space. Our products are ideal for a truly Greek kitchen or a rustic patio.

"Old Brick" tiles called "Kachel" are designed mostly for covering floors and terraces, to make sure the surface looks antiquated even when thicker tiles, due to floor casting or veneering in the adjacent rooms, cannot be used. They are weather resistant, very durable, and far thinner but, what is of the utmost importance, they look exactly like the old brick – it is hard to believe they are not really the historical, old bricks. The tile dimensions: width 13.5 centimetres, length 27 centimetres, thickness 1.5 centimetres. A typical usage, including joints of 1.5 centimetres, is 23.5 pieces for one square meter. Weight: about 22 kilograms.

Characterized by high resistance to external factors and mechanical damage. Can be easily cleaned using water. Should be impregnated to ensure intact elegant appearance. The surface remains elegant while resistant to humidity and to the absorption of any contaminants.

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