About Us

ElkaminoDom produces various types of tiles for walls, floors, terraces, stairs and windowsills. The tiles are made mainly of cement. The components are of excellent quality and we are extensively experienced in following the European standards, which means that we guarantee the high quality of our products.

Wall tiles are mainly stylish cement tiles "Old Brick" styled after the original 19th century brick with its distinctive grooves, cracks, and imperfections of the surface, made on the basis of the authentic, over a hundred-year-old bricks.

Despite the development of science, also when it comes to building materials, and the emergence of a number of solution based on new, often synthetic, materials – we are currently experiencing a great interest in natural and traditional materials that have been used in building for centuries, such as: wood, stone, concrete, ceramics, etc. Consequently, many investors are constantly seeking and using such materials, also for elevations and interior decoration. Here is where our company meets the current expectations.

About 10 colour options of our brick tiles, from the colour of graphite, through brown, beige, Gothic and others, to white. Many types of tiles, from flat wall tiles, through corner tiles for stairs, windowsills, floors or terraces – we can say that "we have it all" as far as the "Old Brick" tiles are concerned. The tiles, depending on the type, are 1.5 centimetres or 3.5 centimetres thick. They are designed for elevations, terraces, exterior stairs and for decorating interiors, walls, floors, stairs or windowsills.